Ebooks that I wrote or currently working on.

Menjadi Webmaster Dalam 30 Hari

A legendary ebook about how to become a webmaster in 30 days. An ebook that teach you how to build websites without prior knowledge of any programming language or technical skills. The contents of the ebook talks mostly about HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, MySQL and how to build a successful product that can generate profit.

Year: 2005 | Current Price: Free | Original Price: Rp100.000,-

Mastering Kode HTML

A very gentle introduction to HTML, CSS and Javascript. This ebook designed as complimentary of Menjadi Webmaster Dalam 30 Hari. The contents of the ebook mostly about HTML, CSS and Javascripts. At the end the reader should be able to create website and upload it to server so it can be accessed from the internet.

Year: 2005 | Price: Free

Tutorial Mini - Shell Script

An ebook written in plain text format about shell script. From this ebook you will learn the basic of shell and how to program in shell. It covers introduction of shell, variables, logical operator and many more. It also have several quizes which act as challenge for you to solve it.

Year: 2008 | Price: Free