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rio astamal

Hello there, my name is Rio Astamal and I was born 0000 seconds ago, so it's quite long enough ;). Right now I live in Bali, Indonesia - there are a lot of beautiful places in here. On this website you'll find some stuff like my expertise and list of my projects.

I'm a big fan of GNU/Linux, web development and and anything related to open source technologies. Therefore, since 2004 I focused on web development especially on PHP, HTML and friends, MySQL, Apache, Nginx and others to provide solution to my clients. I love open source but closed source is fine, don't take it too serious.

I like to listen to The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Kula Shaker and other classic stuff. What about you? not interested in classical music? My favorite time is having fun with friends on weekend with couple of beers.
PS: Don't drink too much alcohol it's not good for your health, instead drink plain water it's a godsend :).