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My Spoiler - A Plugin for MyBB


My Spoiler is plugin for MyBB that hide object inside the Spoiler tag. It also provide button that integrated to editor toolbar but you must install the Toolbar Container plugin first.

Usage example [spoiler]Without title[/spoiler] OR
[spoiler=Title]With a title[/spoiler]

Latest Version

The latest version of My Spoiler is version 1.0 released on 21 Dec 2009. Tested on MyBB version 1.4.4 and 1.4.9.

Changes Log

Version 1.0



Here's some screenshot of My Spoiler version 1.3.


My Spoiler is free software licensed under New BSD License.


Download latest version of My Spoiler here.
File size: 4.9Kb.
MD5 Checksum: f019701de5e040c432bbac71bf24f072.

Report Bug

If you found bug in My Spoiler please let me know. You can email at c0kr3x[AT] Suggestion is welcome as well.


All my plugins are free software you are freely to use and distribute it. But donation is welcome as well since it will keep me awake :) and continue to developing it. The donation using Paypal service, my email for the paypal account is[AT] Select the amount and click the button below to donate. Thanks for your donation.