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Mini SQL - A Plugin for MyBB


Mini SQL is plugin for MyBB that provide a page for querying MyBB Database in admin control panel. Mini SQL gives you total control of your MyBB database. Not all aspects can be managed using standard admin control panel, so when you needs some quick access to all settings you could use Mini SQL. As of version 1.0 Mini SQL features are:

Since Mini SQL gives you direct communication with MyBB database, it's better to restrict some SQL clauses like DROP and DELETE to prevent some query mistake you may made.

Latest Version

The latest version of Mini SQL is version 1.0 as of 08 Feb 2009. Tested on MyBB version 1.4.4.



Here's some screenshot of Mini SQL version 1.0.


Mini SQL is free software licensed under GNU GPL version 3.


Download latest version of Mini SQL here.

Report Bug

If you found bug in Mini SQL please let me know. You can email at c0kr3x[AT] Suggestion is welcome as well.


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